Who we are:
  1. Highly experienced professional traders
  2. Directors with contacts at the highest level in many of the major gaming firms
  3. An experienced trading team with extensive contacts in the huge trading floors of the major Asian bookmakers
    Odds compilers with a rich understanding of how bookmakers’ odds are compiled.
  4. Analysts with a fully tested and successful trading strategy which has been automated via our algorithm Algol888
What we do:
  1. Constantly test and refine our trading strategy to ensure maximum profitability while mitigating risk
    Spread our portfolio risk across a number of games.
  2. Only trade “single” bets.
  3. Maintain a strict cash management system ie a proper staking plan
  4. Identify potential trades in matches across the globe which are then compared to the odds on offer with the major Asian bookmaking firms.
  5. Operate only in highly liquid markets on matches where, again, the liquidity is great enough to accommodate significant trades
We are not:

Working as an affiliate with any bookmaking partner.
Why is that important?

  1. Affiliate partnerships represent an absolute conflict of interests with our desire to make both ourselves and our clients a consistent and reliable income.
  2. Most of the so-called tipsters on Twitter or who have tipping apps are affilates of betting firms.
  3. They usually advise accumulators, which is manna from heaven for the bookmakers.
  4. They often tips up stats based such as corners or bookings where they have no chance of an edge against the bookmaker. After all, it’s hardly likely that the bookmaking firms would have access to less information than our tipster!
  5. In turn, the odds on the chosen matches or markets are artificially short allowing the bookmaker partner to hedge at better odds in the “open market”.
  6. Often the bookmaker partner will also shorten those odds further as he knows that the punter is “locked-in”
    If the accumulator wins, the bookmaker should have been in a position to layoff his liabilities. If it loses, the bookmaker collects and the tipster received his affiliate reward.
  7. The tipster often builds up a “chummy” community to deflect criticism and quickly blocks any disgruntled clients.

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