To members of the public, we offer an industry first profit share scheme weighted heavily in your favour (70/30).

To get started, fill in the form below – there is nothing to pay until you have made a profit.

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    You will receive 10-15 selections per week between 8am and 11am.

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    Your application will be processed within 48hrs and you will receive registration instructions once the application is processed. We will ask for our share of the profits every 7 days.

    Premium Picks – $833 per month

    Based on the previous results, we turn $10k into $20k in six months. Some clients ask us to manage the whole process on a profit share basis (a Private Managed Account) i.e. $5k each. (email for more details). Those clients who would prefer to ‘do the betting themselves’ will receive our Premium Picks at the price quoted which, quite simply, is $5k over 6 months.

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